Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oblivious to the Obvious faults, all the way to Oblivion.

Ah forgive the break, as it has been a while. One thing that has happened since my last post, is that my post "Halo Killer" was linked to at . So, I would like to give a shout out to them, thanks guys!

Another thing, is that people seem to completely disagree with my console wars rant, well, I don't blame them, I guess I didn't really file my point to a head. looking back on it, the point was the stupid console war, and I got way off track, I meant to be talking about how dumb people are about talking about sales figures of games as if they made a difference to how good the games are.

Anyways, today I am going to rant about something that does have to do with the quality of the game, this post is about little things, that game developers should really consider.

Picture this, you are watching the lord of the rings movies, and you watch as it the shot switches, and you see Aragorn, and you see one of the special effects sword cut through on of his arms, but doesn't effect it.


First off, before anyone goes looking for that in the movie, no it didn't happen. Second, I'm guessing that it would bother, people, hey, why not? Thing is, that for some reason, video games are not held to the same standards as movies, which in the long run is probably a good thing, due to all the little things it would cause.

Still in Kingdom Hearts, seeing Waka's bandana pass through his arm, in plain sight, more then once, IN A CUT SCENE, is rather bothersome, it's like watching a spelling error be made over and over again, not only does it looks bad, but it distracts from whatever else is going on.

Okay, seriously, this isn't a small problem, but I would assume that to fix it would be about as difficult to fix as it is for us watching it. Seriously, move the animation over like 3 in game inches, it can't be that hard...

Here's another thing developers do to us, any of you played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? Good, then you will remember the optional 3rd person gameplay? Well, anyone who will not admit that it is garbage, is lying to themselves, because well, no one can consider it really good you know why? Not only is harder to play in, but...

There are missing animations. This is a major, high budget game, is missing animations.

Seriously, if you walk diagonally, It does the animation for you walking forwards...

Did someone miss a memo or something? Honestly. That is not as simple to fix as the last problem, but still, it's only a small animation. Now, every time anyone pops the game out into 3rd person, they have to worry about how to explain why the game looks like such crap, and why they are playing a game with animations that are so bad. Honestly, it's just sad, it's something they should have fixed quite a while before the game shipped.

Well, honestly, the video game industry has been around for quite some time, and the games have turned into multimillion dollar projects, so why are we still stuck with such obvious faults? It seems a shame that these kind of things go unpunished in video games these days. So, I invite you to following in my footsteps if you feel like it, and tell game developers not to leave such obvious faults in their games.

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The Mysterious Parakeet (Julian) said...

This is true. What bugs ME, is that they had a chance to fix this, in Shivering Isles, and didn't. Here's an Example;
Man enters donut shop.
Man: "I would like your best donut."
Donut man: "Okay, but it's covered in garbage."
Man: "Oh. I guess I'll just not eat that then."


Man enters same Donut shop.
Man: "I'll have the garbage Donut, please."
Donut man: "Oh, we have a better version now."
Man: "One without garbage?"
Donut man: "Oh, It still has garbage. It's just got some cream on the bottom."
Man, dejected: "Oh. I guess I'll just not eat that then... sigh..."

Okay, maybe not EXACTLY like that, but you get my point, right?.... Right?...