Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"I compare, so there" What Bull.

Why do people feel the need to compare things to other things?

Well there are a number of reasons and a lot of them make sense, but to a point, and no farther.

Comparing a Volvo to a Honda is one thing, comparing a Honda to Book is a different thing.

These days people seem to want to compare every game with ever other game.


There is no final answer when comparing games. Like I have said before, everyone is different, with everyone having different tastes, where one person might like Counter-Strike another may love Halo. You can't say which one of those it better, as the word known as "opinion" throws a wrench in "Fact's" cogs.

But even so, people sometimes have good debates on which game is better, be it very rarely, but, people have to go one step farther....

They decide to compare things like Ratchet and Clank, to Halo, or Gears of War, and Burnout to Metal Gear Solid.

Okay, tell me....

How the f*** are you suppose to do that? Like the metaphor from before, "comparing a honda to a good book."

Some things do not work; you cannot put together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from multiple puzzles, You cannot take a taxi from Japan to Hawaii, and you cannot compare a Shooting game with a puzzle game, or a platforming game, with a racing game. Some things just *don't* work.

End of story.

This should be obvious right?

I guess not.

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