Monday, November 12, 2007

My Video Game Rants

Hello, this is alias "Jon God," the creator, and writer of "My Video Game Rants."

I decided to start this blog, due to me starting to rant about certain things that bother me about video games, the video game community, the video game industry, and what ever else I decide to throw in here.

If you have comments feel free to post them, I am not in the industry, so I am sure a lot of the stuff I say will just be plain stupid to someone who understands the industry better then I.

As for updates, i will update this when I feel like it, and no sooner, this blog was started from me ranting, I am not doing this to please people or anything, I just am expressing my opinion.

As for typos, I really don't care too much, it's the message I want to get across, not the lack of a comma, or period.

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