Monday, November 12, 2007

The Seriousness of Having Fun

This one is really short. I couldn't think of what to say though.

Some would say the console market is competitive, I would say that console is over competitive, to the point that it feels like the developers aren't trying to make us have fun anymore, but just to bring fame to their company, or parent company.

This is not the direction I want to see the industry going in.

Why can't we have it where companies are more friendly?

It would be nice to see more cameos, and more tributes, for instance, I like the fact that they have Snake in "Super Smash Brothers Brawl," Even though I think it is a horrible waste of his character. I wish more companies have cameos and such in their games, like say, a Kingdom Hearts of game worlds. In the gaming age we live in, that would be near to impossible to even imagine due to how the industry is.

Another thing that the industry being like this warrants, is not unified online play. Sure some games would have slight advantages in terms of controllers and such, but there a such a large amount that wouldn't. I don't see why 3 copies of the same game all have to run on different servers, just due to company politics. I would be awesome to be able to play online from a PC, to a "Playstation 3."

I think it would be really cool to have a game that is made by a few competing companies, like Bungie(The makers of Halo), and Guerilla Games(The makers of Killzone). Think about how cool that would be. What about a game between, say, Naughty Dog(The makers of Jak and Daxter), Insomniac(The makers of Ratchet and Clank), and Sucker Punch(The makers of Sly Cooper). The last one is more possible due to the fact that they all make games for Sony, but still, I don't see something like this happening in today's gaming world.

Think of how useful it would be to have a LAN(Not online, game with more then one console, hooked up through cords) party, with PCs, and consoles in the same game? Think about how much easier it would be to get people who own the game together rather then people who own the game AND the same console...

This is short I know, and I have no real way to wrap it up.

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